Our Story



As women, how we feel is just as important as how we look, but let’s be honest – when we feel beautiful, there is a positive shift in our confidence. Do you know that feeling, when you have a flawless tan, and you wear your favourite outfit? It’s an instant pick me up, right? At Tan Thursday, we are passionate about our product and want every woman who uses our tan, to feel confident and beautiful.
Tan Thursday was created for you, made right here in Australia, using the highest quality, vegan-friendly ingredients with a salon strength formula that we have perfected over the last 12 years. After tanning thousands of glorious bodies in our Melbourne salon, owner and beauty entrepreneur, Mel has developed our best tan yet, delivered to you, ready for your Tan Thursday moment.
Tan Thursday’s salon-quality range includes tanning mousse, gradual tanning lotion and our newest addition, our tanning water. Each of our tans are packed with Australian organic ingredients for a fresh scent, fast drying and natural glowing finish. We repeat, NO ORANGE, NO STICKY FEELING, NO FAKE TAN SCENT, just the perfect bronzed glow, no sun required!
For our boss babes, we have perfected our Tan Thursday professional spray tanning range that’s available in three beautifully bronzed shades, delivered to your salon. Trust us - your clients will love you for it!
So, what are you waiting for? Discover Australia’s best tanning products, join our Tan Thursday club and get ready for the tan of your dreams!